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Ongoing Projects

Discover Tian's current endeavors in music, arts, concert programs and piano workshops.



Tian's Musical Voyages
2020 - current

Multi-media concert series with curated program to bring the audience onto musical voyages. This is a project I started in 2020 during the pandemic. When traveling was restricted, I decided to bring people onto various epochs and realms through music. Past programs included themes such as "Meandering in Nature," "Four Seasons of Music," "The Gardens of Van Gogh and Monet," "From Classical to Impressionism," and "Whispers of the Land."


Piano Workshop in Collaboration
2019 - current

An initiative focused on interaction and collaboration in piano study, offering piano group classes, masterclasses, private lessons, improvisation sessions, ensemble collaborations, and an engaging salon series. 

Pianists often practice alone. From my experience of teaching, however, I have noticed that collaboration often makes learning more efficient, and can enhance solo playing as well. 

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Music and Film
2024 - current

Dive into the world of music through the lens of cinema, with twenty lectures featuring a curated list of films from various genres, directors, and composers.

As a musician and movie enthusiast, I am captivated by the interplay between visuals and sound - their ability to both complement and contrast one another. It's also a treasure hunt for hidden classical music gems within films!


Ariarts Salon Series: Conversations of Music and Beyond
2024 - current

A salon series that features a designated topic each time, aiming to create a stimulating and supportive community.

 I always believe in the power of exchanging ideas and broadening perspectives with individuals from diverse fields. We share and we gain. It is both an external exploration and internal unification. Past participants have included writers, photographers, scientists, sociologists, and fashion designers. Our community continues to grow. 

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